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Developed in the Parker Lab

University of California, Irvine, Neurobiology & Behavior

Code commenting

CellSpecks is being pushed forward toward a public release! I am currently working on cleaning up and commenting the code so that the other researchers in my lab can thumb through it and see what they think from a biological perspective. This is a bit of a challenge as the program consists of 50 classes averaging a few hundred lines of code a piece (up to several thousand in some cases).

On a side note, I have been continuing to work on multithreading the execution. Most recently I multithreaded the event filtration routine and modified the threading of the baseline generation. I have also been working on a small, open source multithreading paradigm benchmarker in java. I have released it on the UC Irvine Free and Open Source Software Club forums for the time being, with the hope of attracting other students to the joys of multithreading. See it here:

I will also be posting some of my other quick and small FOSS projects on this forum, so if you are interesting in participating feel free to join. Please use a real sounding username and don't register through Latvia. I'll approve registrations as I am notified of them. I am for instance looking to implement a rogue-like (or vim-like) interface for a flash-card program I whipped up for my fiance's Latin-learning endeavors. Join us and find out more!

(Full disclosure: I'm the co-president of the FOSS club at UCI)

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