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Developed in the Parker Lab

University of California, Irvine, Neurobiology & Behavior

Channel Chip Background Leveling and Interface Abstraction

Done with leveling the backgrounds on the channel chip! For the time being I'm going with a manual technique: specify the section you want to depict as uniform, I will make it uniform. While I was trying to avoid this manual interaction for the detection algorithm (it should be automatic, and you should be able to crop datasets without leaving the leading control), for the purpose of producing a visual reference I think it works for now. I will eventually want to automate that as well, but my background homogenizing routines will have to get a bit more sophisticated (or I shall have to implement them in a more destructive manner, rather than just as a reference for detection).

I have also largely unified the data-structure behind a "UnifiedAgent" through whom methods on the data-structure are called. While this works, I will still have to make decisions about how users will interact with the data. This is always difficult, as I have to decide how they will implement, store, and interact with things like regions, and how much flexibility is given to the end user (layers, one layer, selectable, listwise, etc.). I am still a novice interface designer, so my goal is to make these as easy to implement as possible, while still keeping the interface as far from the data-structure as possible.

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